Láki Tours is a thriving, small-scale whale watching company that offers responsible boat trips from two locations in Iceland: Ólafsvík in Snæfellsnes and Hólmavík in the Westfjords. Animal welfare and conservation are at the core of what we do. We aim to bring our customers close to the whales, without negatively impacting them and their magnificent environment. Our policy of responsible whale watching involves respecting the whales by approaching them slowly and carefully, and making sure that we never outstay our welcome.

Láki Tours adheres to the Ice Whale Code of Conduct, which dictates how boats should manoeuvre around whales and dolphins. One of our owners was instrumental in designing and implementing the Code of Conduct as an important part of being an environmentally conscious and sustainable whale watch. It ensure that we do not disturb the animals we are watching, by dictating the distance, direction and speed at which we approach the whales. We will often turn off the engines and drift with the animals, if conditions allow, so you can have a magical encounter with them, but with minimal disturbance.  As we are the only whale watch company in both the areas we work, there will never be more boats than whales, again ensuring minimal disturbance.

Iceland responsible whale watching - code of conduct

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