Our dedicated and experienced team will ensure your tour with us is as good as we can make it.

Our captains and guides at Láki Tours have a great deal of experience between them and are passionate and knowledgeable about cetaceans and the ocean.  Many of the staff have been working for the company for years and we are like a large family. Our main guides are also working on photo ID and researching the various species we see, adding to science and also our understanding of the whales in Iceland waters. This also enhances your trip as you can learn about the research we are doing on the tours. Marie is focusing on the orcas and created the non-profit Orca Guardians as well as a large photo-ID catalogue of orcas. Judith has produced the first humpback whale photo-ID catalogue for whales seen out of Holmavik and Karl a catalogue of sperm whales that visit Snaefellsnes Peninsula.


Gísli Ólafsson   Iceland-flag

Owner, Captain and Manager
Languages: Icelandic, English, Swedish

The founding brothers of our company are Snæfellsnes locals and have been fishing in the local waters for decades. They know this area and its wildlife intimately and are our owners as well as captains on the boats. Gisli is the general day to day manager of the company as well as the main captain on the whale watch in Snæfellsnes. 


Skarpheðinn Ólafsson   Iceland-flag

Co-Owner and Captain
Languages: Icelandic, English

The founding brothers of our company are Snæfellsnes locals and have been fishing in the local waters for decades. They know this area and its wildlife intimately and are our owners as well as captains on the boats. Skappi, as he is known to us, is the chief engineer, looking after all the boats, as well as being one of our captains. 


Marie Mrusczok   Germany-flag

Winter Guide and spotter
Languages: German, English, Russian, French (basics)

Our head winter whale watching guide and summer spotter Marie has been working with orcas for many years. She founded Orca Guardians, an organisation dedicated to protecting orcas around Icelandic waters and keeps the catalogue of orca sightings recorded in our area. As one of our main species seen, she has more knowledge of orcas around Snæfellsnes than anyone else. Since founding Orca Guardinas Marie has helped match orcas seen in Iceland to many other places. She also helped to create the Code of Conduct for responsible whale watching in Iceland. 


Judith Scott   British-flag

Tour Guide
Languages: English

Our main guide in Hólmavík and whale watching guide in Ólafsvík for part of the season, Judith, has been working with whales for over twenty years. She is an experienced whale watching guide, having worked in the USA, Norway, Mexico, South Africa and Australia among other places. She sailed around the world for over two years conducting sperm whale research, having wanted to work with whales since the age of seven. She has also worked on blue whale research in Australia. She is a keen wildlife photographer and regularly sells her images. 


Joséphine Mayr  

Tour Guide/ Captain
Languages: French, German, English

Our new captain, engineer and guide Jo speaks French, German and English and has worked outdoors for many years, including as a sail trainer and as a glacier guide. She has spent years working on the water and now extends this passion for the ocean to whale watch guiding and being the first female captain at Láki Tours! We are very proud to have supported her with obtaining her captains’ licence and she could be your captain on any of our three boats. 


Karl O’Neill   British-flag

Tour Guide
Languages: English

One of our Ólafsvík whale watching guides as well as working on the puffin tours, Karl is a very talented photographer and videographer as well as a guide. He has worked with sharks in South Africa and the UK and now spends much of his year in Iceland with the whales and birds. As a keen naturalist he spends as much time as he can outside, photographing any animals he can come across!


Nicola Horsnell

Languages: Icelandic, English,

Often found patiently answering all your emails and booking requests is Nicky. She made her home in Iceland from New Zealand many years ago.