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Snæfellsnes is a unique place for whale watching and differs with most whale watching locations in Iceland. In Snæfellsnes, a variety of whale species can be seen and we never know in advance what to expect. We also want to make everyone aware that not all whale species are around Snæfellsnes throughout the whole year. Our whale sightings overview shall give you a better idea what to expect from a whale watching tour in Snæfellsnes.

We list for each day the whale species we see in dark blue. When we do not operate a whale watching trip on a specific day we mark this in grey. Please consider that the sightings of a specific tour might vary from the day sightings we publish on this page. We often have more than 1 tour per day and the sightings on each tour might differ.

We would love to welcome you on our whale watching tour from Snæfellsnes. You can learn more about our tours by clicking this LINK.

Please note during 2020 and Spring 2021 we ran a very reduced number of tours due to COVID so there is less data available at these times.

Whale Sightings: Snæfellsnes Sightings
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