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Iceland Whale Watching Winter 2020Whale Watching Iceland Winter 2020

When looking for the best season for whale watching in Iceland you will most probably find the information that summer is the best time. With the warmer temperatures, the long daylight, and the calmer winds this information is definitely correct. However, it does not automatically mean that whale watching in winter is not recommended. Not all areas in Iceland are suitable for winter whale watching so we recommend choosing your whale watching location wisely.

Snaefellsnes Whale Watching in Winter

For us in Snaefellsnes, winter is definitely a busy season for whale watching and travelers from all around the world join our tours from Grundarfjördur or Olafsvik. For many people, it is a dream to see orcas in the wild nature. Chances to see these amazing mammals around Snaefellsnes are usually very good in winter. Around Snaefellsnes is the orca’s winter feeding ground and therefore we see these animals regularly on our tours.

Snaefellsnes Whale Watching February 24, 2020

The pictures in this article are from our winter whale watching trips on February 24, 2020. We were super lucky on both of our tours with close encounters not only of orcas but also sperm whales. This included a killer whale cruising upside down beside the boat and slapping his tail on the surface. This was a truly magnificent experience.

Increase your Chances to see Whales

When writing about Iceland whale watching in winter we also have to mention the risk of a canceled tour. The weather in Iceland is unpredictable and especially in winter, there are days with strong winds and unfavorable weather conditions where it is not safe to go out at sea. In order to increase your chances for a successful whale watching tour we highly recommend staying at least one night in Snaefellsnes. If a tour gets canceled you would have the chance to reschedule the next day. On top of that, Snaefellsnes also has so much to offer and there is so much to do and explore. We recommend reading our blog about the best things to do in Snaefellsnes. Below is a photo of the famous orca sculpture in Grundarfjordur, a nice photo motif when visiting this area of Iceland.

Whale Watching Iceland Winter
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