21/08/2018 Northern Bottlenose whales in Breidafjördur

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On our morning tour out of Ólafsvík today we had the first EVER account of Northern
bottlenose whales in Breiðafjörður that we know of!!! After we had looked at 11 Minke whales, we
encountered the Northern bottlenose whales in the deeper waters, as all five of them came up in a
resting line. We then had to wait for 25 minutes to see these whales come up to the surface again,
but got some great looks at them when they surfaced next. After that, we waited another 40
minutes, but, unfortunately, did not see them again. Northern bottlenose whales are some of the
dive champions of the whales, and we were lucky to see them again after 25 minutes on our first try.
In the afternoon, we spotted at least 15 Minke whales, and got to see a group of about 60 pilot
whales again, so this was a very successful and interesting day! Marie (Spotter)

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