26/08/2018: Sunshine and whales in the Westfjords

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What a period we are having in Steingrímsfjörður where you can often be outnumbered by whales rather than people! On the morning tour we started with an incredible encounter with breaching white-beaked dolphins with pilot whales. The dolphins looked like they were having so much fun with many huge leaps out of the water. Then we saw lots of humpback whales in a small area, once again. With groups of three and two along with singles, we can almost just watch a whale at every moment sometimes as they come up one after the other at times.
On the afternoon tour we did not have to travel too far to find our favourite group at the moment, still together, Darwin, Torch and our yet to be named whale that has been travelling with them on and off for the last week. We got great looks at these three coming up regularly, close to the boat. Judith (Tour guide)

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