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Every time I think it can’t actually get any better – the orcas come along and prove me wrong! We had an incredible afternoon tour in the sunshine in Breiðafjörður with about 15 orcas today. When we spotted them first, they were feeding, and gannets were diving in between them, which was a spectacular sight. The three smallest ones in the group were very active, one of them still with fetal folds and strong coloration. After a little bit of a scout into the deeper waters, we came back to the same group, with the individuals now very spread out and playful. One female approached the boat while we were drifting, and checked on our passengers in the back. We are following a strict whale watching code of conduct on all our tours, and close encounters like these are dictated by the animals. And how special these moments are! After enjoying a hot chocolate on the way back, we even got to see two humpback whales travelling and foraging along the coastline. This was a perfect tour!
Marie (Tour Guide) 

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