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14/3/14 We had to cancel the morning tour due to bad visibility caused by snowstorm but then had a very good tour with three Orcas, seemingly two fully grown males and one female, seen off Mount Eyrarfjall. They seemed to have a destination in mind and kept on going there but in a relaxed and relatively easy going manner, swimming at 4-5 miles, so it was easy to sail at a leisurely speed some distance away and allow our passengers to photograph them, some of whom had come with us to see Orcas in order to be able to take it off their bucket list. After a while we decided to leave them alone and check out Melrakkaey Island. Due to the calm water and almost windless day, we could get very close and it is evident that spring is in the air on the island, judging by the increasing number of birds preparing to nest. Next month the Puffins should return and then spring will offically have entered. Then once we were inside Grundarfjörður, we realised where the Orca trio had been heading as we spotted them on our way to port!  Baldur Guide

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