A very ‘friendly’ humpback

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Sometimes you don’t need a lot of whales to make for an incredible whale watch. Today, our passengers in Hólmavík were treated to an awesome experience with a curious humpback whale on both tours. In the morning tour we started watching one whale, but then another humpback started breaching in the distance. We approached the breaching whale and although it didn’t continue to be surface active, it instead became curious, circling the boat, going under us and lifting its head out of the water to take a better look. There is nothing better than watching a whale while the whale is watching you right back! On the afternoon tour we found this same humpback, which again became curious and played with the boat for the entire tour! We got to see the eye of the whale out of the water and being the only boat in the area we had the whale all to ourselves. Our whale watch here is not busy, like many in Iceland can be, and our thrilled passengers got to walk around the boat to see the whale clearly from every side. Judith (Tour guide)

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