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Grundarfjordur is a charming fishing town, situated in the West of Iceland. Many travellers in Iceland visit this place because of the famous Mt. Kirkjufell located on the west side of the town. Kirkjufell is probably the most photographed mountain in Iceland and not the only highlight to explore in and around Grundarfjordur. Since a few years, several cruise ships stop here during summer for a few hours. Normally the cruise ships offer guided day tours on board for the whole day. But we know there are many travellers who prefer organising their stay individually. In this article, we would like to introduce some interesting Grundarfjordur shore excursions.

Grundarfjordur Shore Excursions by Boat

The most authentic way of exploring a little fishing town is by boat. We offer two interesting tours directly from Grundarfjordur harbour in a traditional oak fishing boat. Our charming Láki SH55 boat is perfect to explore the suroundings of Grundarfjordur. This boat is excellent for our sea angling and birdwatching tours with its slow rocking motion and open deck. Both tours are ideal if you also want to spend some free time in Grundarfjordur to explore the town itself, the surounding mountains, the harbor or a nice café.

Birdwatching Tour from Grundarfjordur

Our birdwatching tour is one of the most popular tours for travellers looking for a shore excursion in Grundarfjordur. You sail to the protected island Melrakkaey where hundreds of puffins nest during summer. Sail around the island and have a close look at these cute little birds that nest in borrows. The puffin, Iceland’s unofficial national bird, is not very shy and therefore great to watch. The birds often fly all around the island, sit on the water and also in front of their borrows on the island itself. But the puffin is not the only bird you can enjoy on our birdwatching tour from Grundarfjordur. Other birds that nest there include shags, cormorants, guillemots, and kittiwakes. On top of that, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the fjord which includes Mount Kirkjufell, the most photographed mountain in Iceland. Please book your birdwatching tour from Grundarfjordur by clicking this LINK.

Sea Angling & Birdwatching Tour from Grundarfjordur

Another authentic shore excursion from Grundarfjordur is our sea-angling and birdwatching tour. As on our birdwatching tour described above, you will sail to the protected island Melrakkaey, to enjoy puffins and other sea birds. The second highlight of this 2 hours tour is our fun sea angling experience. The water around Grundarfjordur is famous for its richness in fish and it is great fun to spend some time fishing out at sea. This fishing tour is suitable both for beginners but also for more experienced anglers. You receive all necessary fishing equipment from us. You can book this fishing tour under the following LINK.

Explore Grundarfjordur by Foot

After joining one of our boat tours, there will be definitely also some free time to explore Grundarfjordur on your own. Everything is in walking distance and this useful map provided by the town’s information center shows the most interesting places to explore and eat.
Grundarfjordur Shore Excursions - Map of Grundarfjordur
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