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Christmas in Iceland

Christmas in Iceland is a very unique time. On the on hand it is the darkest period here in Iceland – on the other hand everything is decorated with beautiful Christmas lights that create a unique atmosphere.  If you are looking for a special place to celebrate Christmas, Iceland could be the right choice for you. While many travelers stay the whole time in Reykjavik, we highly recommend staying at least one or even better two nights in the country side.

Celebrate Christmas in Snaefellsnes

Why not celebrate Christmas in Snaefellsnes? Snaefellsnes is not too far away from Reykjavik and therefore also for a shorter stay in Iceland an interesting option. During Christmas, there is very often snow in this area of Iceland. You are also far away from the light polution in Reykjavik which increases the chances of seeing the Northern Lights. On top of that, you have the chance of joining a unique winter whale tour in the area.

Winter Whale Watching in Snaefellsnes – Report from December 26, 2018

We had a very nice Christmas boat trip on December 26. We spotted two humpback whales towards the North in Breidafjörður bay. They were foraging and feeding in the area. Plus, there was also quite a bit of bird life to observe. Both humpback whales did lift their flukes after some time, when going for deep dives, and we could also see their flippers just below the water surface.

christmas in iceland - winter whale watching

What makes Christmas in Snaefellsnes so special?

  1. You can join a unique winter whale watching tour from Grundarfjordur
  2. Chances are very good to enjoy a white Christmas in Snaefellsnes
  3. The Northern Lights often appear during the Holiday Season in Snaefellsnes
  4. Stay away from the crowd in Reykjavik and enjoy a quite Christmas in Iceland

Christmas in Snaefellsnes

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