Five minutes from port!

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22/3/14 After two and a half days of no tours due to storm, we were in dire need for a good day. With the forecast showing what looked like would be a windless afternoon on Saturday, we were relieved to finally be able to go out and search for our friends. The only question was where they might be. Someone had been over to Kolgrafarfjörður in the morning but hadn’t seen any there. But just before 13:00, 30 minutes before the presentation was to start, a hotel guest came rushing down the stairs to inform us that he had seen Orcas inside Grundarfjörður through his room window! Binoculars up and lo and behold, there they were, five minutes from port! We decided to skip the presentation, quickly assembled everyone that had made a reservation for the tour, and went out. What looked like 5-10 animals seen from land were in fact closer to 30, dispersed around the fjord in perhaps 5 batches, feeding on what looked like a vast amount of Herring that had entered the fjord during the storm. As it was almost no wind, and so we weren’t at a risk of drifting off, the captain didn’t even have to keep the engine in neutral, he could just shut it off entirely so we could all just immerse ourselves with the Orcas and Grundarfjörður at its best. It was just one of those days that made us not feel like we were working at all!

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