Four species day across our fjords

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We had a sunny day across west Iceland in both Ólafsvík and Hólmavík today.

At Snæfellsnes we had one tour with three species of cetaceans today! The sea was extremely calm, and we spotted two Minke whales early on into the tour, and even got close up looks at both of them. As we ventured west, we spotted one male orca that was foraging and milling. We then travelled all the way to the deeper waters of Breidafjördur, to find two sperm whales that lifted up their flukes for us to marvel at. A great morning out on the ocean!

In the Westfjords we spent the tours with humpback whales that seemed very relaxed and chilled out. On both tours the whales were just slowly travelling, allowing us some very close looks, especially in the afternoon where one whale came to have a look at us, before it continued travelling just under the surface with another humpback by its side. On the morning tour one of these two whales did two pec-slaps, bringing its huge pec fin out of the water, before continuing slowly on its travels.

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