Iceland Orca Watching January 17, 2019

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Iceland Orca Watching January 17, 2019

Today we had a beautiful encounter with a small group of orcas. Part of this group was one calf, but also females and a sub adult male. We found them speeding towards East, and they were definitely heading straight for something. We are hoping to see more of this as there seem to be several different groups coming through the area at the moment.

Iceland Orca Watching with a Unique Encounter Today

Our guide Marie, the founder of Orca Guardians Iceland spotted two very special individual among the orcas today. The orca Roulette (SN043) was re-sighted with her youngest calf, first spotted in March and April 2018. She had lost one of her calves (Wavewalker, SN197) that was born between December 2015 and January 2016 shortly after giving birth. This calf now seems to be much healthier and stronger. It has almost made it through the first year, which is always the critical time for survival.

orca guardians iceland - whale sighting with Láki Tours

Interested to Adopt the Orca ROULETTE?

Roulette is the most-sighted female around Snæfellsnes during the wintertime. Over 50 encounters with this charismatic orca have given us plenty of special observations. Do you want to support the orca research in Iceland? Orca Guardians Iceland offers a unique adoption programme. Adopt the orca ROULETTE and support with your donation the protection of orcas of Iceland.

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