Iceland Whale Watching March 13, 2019

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We are always happy when the Icelandic weather allows us to operate our winter whale watching tour in Snaefellsnes. March is a special time for us since it is one of the best months to see orcas in Iceland.

Iceland Whale Watching March 13, 2019

We had a three-species morning trip! We made our way towards the North in Breidafjörður to explore areas that we had not scouted through for some time. First we came across a group of about 7 white-beaked dolphins. The white-beaked dolphin belongs to the toothed whales. It is the most common dolphin around Iceland and we see them in Snaefellsnes all year around.

This was followed by two minke whale sightings – the first Minke whales of the winter season. Minke whales belong to the baleen whales. It is one of the most common whales spotted off the coast of Iceland.

When we were already on the way home, we finally also found the orcas – a group of about 15 individuals that was travelling and socializing in the waves. Orcas are the is the largest member of the dolphin family and the reason why many travelers come to Snaefellsnes in March for a whale watching trip.

Come to Snaefellsnes for Iceland Whale Watching in March

At this time of the year our whale watching starts from Grundarfjordur located in the North of the peninsula Snaefellsnes in West Iceland. Read more about our tour by clicking this LINK.

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