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icelandic orca facts - orca guardiansLáki Tours works closely with Orca Guardians, an independent nonprofit organisation dedicated to the protection of orcas in Iceland. Our guide Marie, the founder of Orca Guardians, always collects photos and data on our whale watching tours to learn more about the orcas in Iceland. Láki Tours is very proud of this wonderful and important cooperation.

Recently, Orca Guardians asked its facebook followers about their most burning questions on the orcas in Iceland and their research and conservation work. There was a lot of feedback and the Orca Guardians founder Marie and Orca Guardians volunteer Karl answered the most interesting questions in 4 short videos. Here are the first 2 videos with very interesting orca facts:

Episode 1 – On the Boat – Day to Day Experiences on the Sea

In this episode, the following questions about orcas were answered.

  • Have you ever had any memorable experiences with the Icelandic orcas?
  • What is your favorite part of the job?
  • What is your dog’s reaction to the orcas? Can she smell them before you see them?
  • Are there better times of the year to see orcas in Iceland?
  • Where can I get Karl’s awesome orca T’shirt?

2. Episode – Icelandic Orca Migration and Identification

Orca Guardians answers the following questions about orcas in this episode:

  • Are the Icelandic orcas staying local to Iceland all year around or are they migratory?
  • How many pods are there of Icelandic orcas?
  • How many animals are in the largest orca pods in Iceland?
  • Orcas in Scotland are often infertile and a likely to die out due to Chemicals. Do the Icelandic orcas have similar problems?

Episode 3 Interesting Orca Facts – Species Interaction

In episode 3, the following questions are answered by our guides Marie and Karl:

  • The whales in British Columbia seem to be struggling to find food. Is this something you see in Iceland, too?
  • Why are orcas so scared of pilot whales? Could you please tell us more about the encounters you witnessed with the pilot whales chasing the orcas?

Episode 4 – Orca Conservation

In the last episode, the following questions were answered:

  • How do whale watching tours and tourism contribute to the protection of orcas and the ocean they live in?
  • What are some of the project you are working in
  • What are your long term goals for Orca Guardians?
  • How can we support Orca Guardians to protect the orcas in Iceland?
  • Can we volunteer with Orca Guardians?

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