Orca Watching Snaefellsnes March 31, 2019

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Iceland Winter Whale Watching

Going on a whale watching tour in winter is sometimes a bit challenging. If you plan joining our whale watching tour from Grundarfjordur we highly recommend dressing warmly. Different layers plus hat and cloves are essential for our boat trip. Plus, you can also wear one of our warm overalls we provide for free on our orca watching tour.

Orca Watching Snaefellsnes March 31, 2019

Today we had a windy and rainy trip. But the cold Icelandic weather did not prevent us from finding about 10 orcas in the choppy seas of Breidafjördur! We observed them foraging and travelling, both close and far from the boat.

Iceland Orca Watching Snaefellsnes March Orca Watching Snaefellsnes in March Orca Watching Snaefellsnes March

Migrating Orcas

Do you know that some of our Icelandic orcas regularly migrate to Scotland? This is one of the research topic of Orca Guardians Iceland, the nonprofit organisation we work closely with.

The Scots are back!! We spotted both adult male Supreme (SN066, also known as “Hulk”) and sub adult male Nótt (SN067) travelling side by side in Breiðafjörður today. We had not seen them this winter season so far and really missed them. Orca Watching in Snaefellsnes – it could not be more exciting!

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