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25/2/2014 The morning tour was like no other! Just before the presentation was to start for passengers going on Brimrún at 10:00, we gathered from the crew on Láki, which had gone out an hour before, that there were Orcas almost next to the harbour! So we decided to give PowerPoint a break and go out as quickly as possible in case our black & white friends had only wanted to drop by briefly. Out we went and had a thoroughly enjoyable morning with this pod of 9-12 as they scouted Grundarfjörður, no doubt checking its Herring status with their echolocation ability. While the wind had gone up in the afternoon, we were still able to do a bit of scouting on our own and while there were no Orcas (most likely they were over in Kolgrafarfjörður but we could not get there because of the eastern wind) we did enjoy the company of some White-beaked Dolphins for a while.

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