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Between our two tours today we saw six species of cetaceans! We had two great trips out today, with quite different sightings. On the first tour we saw a group of white-beaked dolphins and briefly glimpsed harbour porpoises and a Minke whale. But the main sightings were two humpback whales, fairly unusual animals to see here. They were slowly travelling west. We then found a group of killer whales feeding north of Ólafsvík, our home port in summer. It was great to see the orcas again.
On the second tour we again saw white-beaked dolphins, only a small group, and then found killer whales once again. We ended up seeing two groups, the second consisted of two families travelling together. We got some great looks at the orcas very close to the boat as we drifted with them. Then we got to see our sixth species of the day, a big sperm whale in deeper water. We got a very close look at him as he swam towards us as we just drifted, and then later we got to see him lift his fluke out of the water on a deep dive. What a great day! Judith (Tour guide)
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