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 What an incredible orca encounter we had today! After a long search in the waters of Breiðafjörður, we were rewarded with watching two groups of orcas coming in from the West, along with a brief Minke whale sighting. The Minke whale was rather elusive, but the orcas came to check out our boat, and a female with a small one came really close while the boat was stationary. It was almost like she wanted to show the little one what was to be expected from our boat, as if saying: “And here we have Láki Tours; they don’t do anything, they just look at you.” Two other members of the group were not that interested in the boat, but started playing and fooling around with each other. One of them, a young male, even showed the sea snake on the surface (if you don’t know what that is, check the last picture). This was the perfect tour – we are already excited what tomorrow will bring!
Marie (Tour Guide)
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