We had both orcas and sperm whales today

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We had both orcas and sperm whales today – say what??!! That’s right, we never see sperm whales on our whale watching tours in the wintertime here at Snæfellsnes, but today we encountered no less than 5 sperm whales off the tip of the peninsula. We saw their blows in every direction, and the same was true for orca fins! After we had looked at quite a few sperm whale flukes going down, we headed towards several orca groups in front of the glacier. Some individuals would approach the boat and dive underneath while the boat was stationary. Especially some of the males would hang out next to the boat, slowly breathing and resting on the surface. We had a full boat and saw many happy passenger faces on our way home.
It looks like Snæfellsnes could soon be known as one of the rare spots in the world where you can see both orcas and sperm whales on the same tour/in the same area, and both in summer and wintertime! Amazing. So much we have yet to learn about the ocean giants roaming the waters of Breiðafjörður.
Marie (Tour Guide)

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