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We had another great day today with the orcas of west Iceland. On both our tours today we encountered around 20 orcas travelling and feeding in Breiðafjörður. On the first tour the orcas were travelling really slowly, bringing their heads out of the water when they surfaced into a wave. They were followed by a lot of Arctic terns, something we have not seen before. These are not the birds that usually associate with the killer whales as we believe the two animals feed on different kinds of fish. However, today the terns were certainly finding something to eat around the orcas. We also saw some social activity from the orcas, with some heads out of the water as this group was made up of four core groups of killer whales we know here. We briefly saw one white-beaked dolphin near the boat on this tour as well.
In the afternoon we found the same group of orcas travelling and socialising. The terns had now left them and we drifted with the killer whales as they foraged, travelled and again did some socialising with a couple of nice spy-hops. On this tour we also saw a group of white-beaked dolphins close to the boat, in beautiful calm seas, and a Minke whale surfacing in the distance. Judith (Tour guide)
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