03/09/2018: Starting the next generation of whale lovers

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Today in Hólmavík was a special morning where we got to take the children from the local school in both Hólmavík and Drangsnes out whale watching. We have done this for many years from Ólafsvík and it is a pleasure to get to show the young local children the amazing animals inhabiting their local waters. The kids were incredibly lucky, seeing a group of fast moving pilot whales, but then getting to drift surrounded by humpback whales, around 12 different whales coming up all around us. The morning passengers also got to see both pilot whales and humpbacks. The pilot whales were socialising with some spy-hops and the humpbacks were a little more spread out, but still in groups and impressing everyone with their huge flukes. We got to see one whale that has recently had a run in with some fishing gear or a boat, with fresh scars on its body (new in the fjord today) and also the humpback that has survived an orca attack in the past. Judith (Tour guide)

This morning from Ólafsvík we had an easy start with a lot of minke whales around the boat, some great close sightings, then 100+ pilot whales spread out around the boat. Finally we finished with a pod of white-beaked dolphins cruised with us and did some jumps and bow riding. The afternoon was a little more difficult as it took us a while to find some Minke whales, but in the end we got some good looks at them.

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