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06/07/2017: We did not have the best weather in west Iceland today, but we got out on the water for one afternoon tour today and were lucky as we found two humpbacks in lovely calm and sheltered waters in the inner part of the fjord. Both whales were coming up quite regularly and we got some great looks at them. We could see one whale, with a very white fluke, had some interesting scars on its back. These could have been made by a past entangement in fishing gear as the lines are very straight. 

If you want to see whales but are worried about getting sea sick, you should come out with us as we have such a sheltered fjord to watch whales in, even when the wind is blowing, we do not get big waves or any swell. So far we have 100% whale sightings here in Hólmavík and 0% sea sick people! Judith (Tour guide) 

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