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05/07/2017: We had three tours with humpbacks today out of Hólmavík in the Westfjords and the morning tour also saw a group of spread-out pilot whales.
On the first two tours of the day we did find a number of humpbacks but they were staying down quite a long time and not lifting their tails very much. We stayed out a little longer on both tours to ensure that our passengers got to see at least a couple of nice whale tails. The morning tour got to see a little pilot whale tail as well as, eventually, a humpback fluke. 

The 16:30 tour happened to be the lucky ones today as we saw two larger humpback whales feeding not far below the surface. They were coming up a lot, sometimes filtering water out their mouths, and then going straight back down again for more. We also got to see three other humpbacks out in the fjord on this tour as well, but the feeding ones were the highlight. 

We are starting to get to know some of our regular humpbacks here, but on the 2pm tour we got to see three new whales we have not seen before in the fjord here. Judith (Tour guide) 

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