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07/07/2017: We had three very successful tours from our Westfjords whale watch today, with three species seen during the day. On the morning tour we saw humpback whales, pilot whales and a Minke whale. When we found the pilot whales there was a humpback whale with them, rolling around a little.
On the early afternoon trip we found the pilot whales very close to Hólmavík and they were in a social mood. We got to see a lot of spy-hops, where they lift their heads out of the water. It is always fun to see their eyes out of the water, looking around. We also got to see five humpback whales, including three who were travelling together, an impressive sight.
On the last tour of the day we again saw the pilot whales in beautiful, glass calm conditions, and then we saw two humpback whales. One of them was jumping out of the water in the distance and it did one breach near us as we approached, but then sadly stopped this spectacular behaviour. You just have to be so lucky to be in the right place at the right time to see a breach! Judith (Tour guide)

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