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A sunny day out with the orcas as well as sperm whales in the morning

We finally got back out on the water today after five days of bad weather and wow, what a welcome back! We had two sunny tours and really nice orca sightings on both tours. On the morning tour we also got to see some sperm whales. There were a lot of sperm whales out in the deep water in the west and we got to see a number of them close to the boat. What is great about sperm whales is when they lift their tail for a deep dive, and one whale in particular did a huge high fluke when he went down.

On the way back in towards Olafsvik we finally found the orcas and watched as one group travelled in a tight group, lifting their heads out in the waves, while another group was not far away and seemed to be feeding under some diving gannets.

The afternoon tour was all about the orcas and we spent almost the whole trip with them as they travelled and foraged around. We got some very close approaches by two curious juveniles and some great looks at the adults too. We were very happy to be on the water again.

Judith (Tour guide)










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