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The ocean predators

On both our tours today we got to see the charismatic species we have here in west Iceland at this time of year quite regularly, the orcas and the sperm whales. On the morning tour we got a brief look at a sperm whale as he went down, but then spent time watching a male orca. This orca was surface active, slapping his tail on the surface very close to the boat.

In the afternoon we got to see a number of both orcas and sperm whales in the same area of our fjord. The orcas were spread out, travelling in the deep water while sperm whales popped up from their deep dives nearby. We got some really great, close looks at the sperm whales as they breathed at the surface, re-oxygenating their blood and muscles, before lifting their massive flukes out of the water to return to feeding down in the deep.

Judith (Tour guide)

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