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21/07/2018: We had two amazing tours today from Ólafsvík, each with sperm whale, humpback whale and killer whale sightings! On our morning tour, we started out by spotting a lot of sperm whales, then came across a small group of orcas, and finished by spotting a humpback whale in shallower waters. In the afternoon, we, once again, spotted several sperm whales to start with, then moved on to an area where we found both orca and humpback whale together. What a great day! Marie (Spotter)

In Hólmavík today the humpback whales were feeding very close to land at times. We watched the whales lunging, mouth open through fish, close to the land. It is good to see the whales getting food as this is the reason they come here to Iceland as this is one of the many feeding grounds for humpback whales across the north Atlantic. On the afternoon we also got to see a little surface activity from a whale slapping its tail repeatedly on the water. Judith (Tour guide)

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