Whales and Icelandic horses in the background

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22/07/2018: We had two amazing trips at Snæfellsnes today. Our morning tour started out by watching a small group of harbour porpoises in very calm waters not far from the harbour. We then carried on to find sperm whales, humpback whales, and orcas, making this a four-species trip! Our afternoon tour got up close and personal with two humpback whales next to the boat, and then also spotted orcas later on! What a beautiful day on sea! Marie (Spotter)

The humpback whales in Steingrímsfjörður out of Hólmavík continue to be feeding in a similar place, very close to land. It is amazing to watch whales with Icelandic horses in the background! On the afternoon tour we also had a whale breaching in the distance as we approached the area they have been in.  Judith (Tour guide)

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