Tail clapping orcas at Snæfellsnes

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It was another exciting day on the water today in the Westfjords with new individual humpbacks sighted on each tour including one of our old favourites on the afternoon tour, ‘Example’. We also got great looks at a couple of northern bottlenose whales on the morning tour that were not taking long dives and came up quite close to the boat a few times. On the afternoon tour ‘Example’ was a highlight, giving us some great close looks as it went down feeding, one of our favourite humpbacks this season so far. Judith (Tour guide)

At Snæfellsnes we had two very different trips today. On our morning tour, we spotted one sperm whale lifting up his fluke at a distance, then carried on to find both orcas and a humpback whale off the tip of the peninsula. This was a fun sighting as the orcas were socializing and tail clapping a lot. Our afternoon tour had a hard time getting a good look at any of the three sperm whales in the area, but managed to see one fluke going down at a distance. Marie (Spotter)

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