Orcas in Ólafsvík, humpbacks and dolphins in Hólmavík

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We had two really great tours out of Ólafsvík today! On our morning tour, we first had a hard time getting a good look at the sperm whales in the area, but got to see two flukes going down at a distance. Some passengers also saw a Minke whale surface twice. However, this trip ended with the great delight of a killer whale sighting as we were coming back East. Our afternoon tour then had the killer whales first, before moving on to see a Minke whale very close to the boat, and a sperm whale fluke going down further away. Marie (Spotter)

Out in the beautiful calm of Steingrímsfjörður today we got to see a number of humpback whales on both tours. We got some very nice looks also at white-beaked dolphins on both tours with a big highlight being a dolphin that repeatedly jumped high out of the water on the morning tour. This trip also got to briefly see a Minke whale also. We have a humpback in the fjord at the moment that has a very distinctive shaped tail. We got great looks at it in the afternoon. We are very happy to be seeing pufflings (this years fledged puffin chicks) on the fjord every day (see photo). They look completely different to adult puffins and this is very early for them to be on the water. Judith (Tour guide)

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