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Today in Hólmavík we spent time on both tours with two humpback whales slowly travelling together. Humpbacks most of the time are solitary, not living in a family group, but they do sometimes travel and feed together and are certainly not anti-social. The interesting thing is that they were all different whales seen on the morning and then the afternoon, and two brand new whales not seen from our whale watch yet in Hólmavík on the afternoon tour. One of the morning humpbacks was one that has returned from last summer, but was seen for the first time this morning and it has a V shaped section missing from its tail.

Out in Snæfellsnes the sperm whales are still being seen out in the deep water of Breidafjördur. On the morning tour we saw three different sperm whales including one smallish one quite close by, and then in the afternoon we found one sperm whale out there in the deep.

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