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14.5.16 1It’s the 4th trip of the summer season only, and we are having a big sperm whale meet up here at Snæfellsnes! We spotted at least 30 (!) sperm whales in the waters of Breiðafjörður today, and that includes only the individuals we had in the proximity of the boat – there were so many more blows out towards East and all the way to even the shallow areas! We even got to see a simultaneous dive of two sperm whales in front of Hellissandur (see picture). In between all these flukes going down, we also encountered a male orca going about his business. And right at the beginning of the tour we were greeted by a pod of about 10-15 white-beaked dolphins, including three mum-calf pairs. The diversity and amount of wildlife we are seeing at Snæfellsnes at the moment is incredible, so book your spots with us this summer if you have not already done so!
Marie (Tour Guide) 
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