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We had an incredible four-species-day! Friday the 13th has definitely brought us luck, as today we were with humpback whales, sperm whales, a male orca, and … a fin whale! When we headed out towards the tip of the peninsula, we first encountered a humpback whale, but soon spotted a much bigger blow. When we headed the direction of the blow and came closer, we suddenly saw a fin whale surfacing! What a delight, we did not see fin whales in our area for the last three years! Unfortunately, this animal was travelling very fast and we did not get a close look at it. When we headed to even deeper waters, we first encountered a lone male orca, and, later on, a sperm whale that was hanging on the surface and let us have a really close look. When we journeyed closer to land, we encountered yet another humpback whale, and on the way back we were suddenly surrounded by sperm whale blows! Puffins are in the area, too. Tomorrow is another chance for you to join us on one of these breathtaking tours!
Marie (Tour Guide)

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