A bridge too far

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29/1/14  We the crew agree  that it’s been days since we’ve had a tour like this one. The sky was clear compared to what it has been in recent days at least and the sea was totally calm. We didn’t see anything of note on the way to Kolgrafarfjörður but upon arrival there we spotted 3-4 Orcas. However, they began leaving the fjord and did so elusively and in an area too shallow for us to enter. However, right then we spotted some more, a pod of 7-8 and among them a true joy bearer in the shape of a young calf that seemed anything but displeased by the attention he was getting from us. On many occasions we saw it lobtail and jump out of the water, seemingly from play, and even land on its mother as can be seen in the photo. This pod eventually went under the bridge and then we were going to go home but we couldn’t resist spending a bit of extra time with the third group that we saw as well. The tour turned out to be 3.5 hours which is more than we advertise but sometimes it’s just impossible to leave

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