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28/1/14 On the first tour we found some White-beaked Dolphins towards the mouth of Grundarfjörður but then the captain received a phone call telling him that there were Orcas over in Kolgrafarfjörður. As the risk was that they‘d soon pass under the bridge, we decided to say goodbye to the dolphins right then and head over there as soon as possible. But on the way we received another call from our scout, telling us that the Orcas had just passed under the bridge. We nonetheless decided to continue our journey in the hope of running into some others. While scanning the fjord upon arrival, we realised it had been a wise decision to continue as there were indeed some 5-6 Orcas on our side of the bridge. However, they were dispersed over a wide area, spending much time under the surface, and rather hard to follow. It is probable that they were busy looking for food. But with the mission therefore successful, we could return to Grundarfjörður happy. Unfortunately the second tour was not the same. No Orcas anywhere but a White-tailed Sea Eagle seen close to the boat and also a small pod of dolphins seen in the same place as in the morning. They came over to check us out though and showed a bit of interest in the boat.

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