A curious Minke whale today’s highlight

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The wind has died, the sun has (almost) come out and we were happy to share the fjord with many whales and dolphins today. On our morning tour there were many groups of white-beaked dolphins seen. Then we almost gave up looking for a Minke whale, but were surprised when it surfaced right next to us! We spent the next 20 minutes drifting with the engines off as the whale circled us, coming up one side and then the other. It was magical! After this we spent time with a group of four humpbacks including our regular visitor back ‘Example‘ and one of my favourite whales from last year, seen for the first time in the fjord this year ‘Darwin’!
On the afternoon tour we again spotted a couple of groups of dolphins and then went back out to the humpbacks, where we got some very nice looks at ‘Example’ once again, a whale the lifts its tail so much higher than other whales, as if to show off! Judith (Tour guide)

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