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5/3/14  We had one tour today and it was different from all others we have had this season. On several others we have started by scouting a bit to the west before heading to the east towards Kolgrafarfjörður but recently the fjord has not been providing us, Orca-wise,  as it used to so we decided to ignore it altogether today and put all our money on heading west. Visibility was very poor when we left the harbour but got better as we were out of Grundarfjörður and so we were fortunately able to spot a pod of several dozen dolphins eastbound at a fast rate of knots. We spent a bit of time with them but decided to give them a break after about 15 minutes, particularly as among them was a young calf. Off we went in search of Orcas and after some scouting, Captain Gísli got a call from a local fishing boat captain, informing him that he had seen a pod of Orcas off Rif. We sped towards that location but before we got there, we ran into a lone bull that we yet lost almost straight away due to worsening visibility. It had been heading east so we went in its trail but he was impossible to spot. However, luck hadn‘t abandoned us totally for in the end we came upon some old friends, the pod of 15 that hadn‘t been seen for about a week. There were at least 12 of them and split up over some area. As they were eastbound, we thought it would be an ideal way to finish the tour to let them lead us back home. In the end it was hard to leave them but all good things must come to an end and after a 51/2 hour tour, it was time to return to port, just as exhausted as we were satisfied.  Baldur Guide

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