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6/3/14 Two rather different tours today showed how changing and differently challenging nature can be within a span of only two to three hours. On the morning tour we came across two male Orcas only about fifteen minutes from the harbour and spent good time with them as they went about their business, seemingly leisurely foraging. When we were just about to leave them, a female appeared but disappeared soon. So back we went content but the second tour was very different. We came across some from the research team on a zodiac as they were heading into Grundarfjörður. They told us that they had been following a pod as they left Kolgrafarfjörður, which had been heading north-west when they had left them. So we went in that direction but despite the dozens of eyes scanning the horizon, we could not find them. All we came across were a few White-beaked Dolphins but they stopped by for less than a minute and then they were gone, all this while the wind was on the increase and the visibility worsening. Oh well, at least the morning was very good!

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