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Feeding orcas, white-beaked dolphins and Minke whales!

We had a wonderful afternoon tour out on the fjord with calm seas, blue skies and a feeding frenzy of orcas, dolphins and many plunge diving northern gannets. Out at the tip of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, one of our hot-spots for orcas, we found a group of orcas feeding with white-beaked dolphins! This is very unusual to see the two species feeding together. On top of the cetaceans were hundreds of northern gannets, the beautiful sea birds that plunge into the water from a great height to feed on the fish the whales are pushing up closer to the surface. We always look for feeding gannets on the fjord as sometimes there are orcas underneath and today was a classic example of this. In the calm waters we could turn off the engines on the boat and just drift with the whales and birds all around us.

On our way home, just a few minutes out of the harbour we found two Minke whales and a pod of more white-beaked dolphins that included some young calves. It was a stunning day on the water.

Judith (Tour guide)


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