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Orca morning, sperm whale afternoon

We are very pleased to report that the weather appears to have made a change for the better, which we hope will stay!

We managed to get out on two almost sunny tours today. In the morning we got a report there was a lot of herring in an area, so we headed there and found a male orca travelling to the west. He gave us some great looks as he was going in the same direction and we could track him.

On the afternoon tour we went out to the west as this is the direction the orca was travelling. We managed to get out into the deep water and there we found a male sperm whale which we got quite close to before he headed down on a feeding dive, lifting his tail high out of the water in the sunlight.

On both tours we saw many birds as out summer migrants are coming more and more to Iceland, with hundreds of Arctic terns and puffins around. Both these species come to Iceland for the summer to breed, the terns coming all the way from the southern hemisphere, giving them one of the longest migrations in the world. It is said that by the time an Arctic tern dies at around 20-25 years old, it has flown the equivalent of three times to the moon and back!

Judith (Tour guide)

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