Close Encounters

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 Some Common Seals popped their heads up and looked at us as we sailed out through Grundarfjörður on our tour today. About 30 minutes   from Grundarfjörður we found a pod of White-beaked Dolphins. They were spread out over a large area and seemed busy feeding so we left them after a while and continued in our search for Orcas. We didn’t find any but we found another pod of Dolphins in an area known to locals as ‘Bótin’. Captain Skarphéðinn thought it might be the same ones that had simply moved further out, which might well be since there were no Dolphins where we had seen the earlier pod once we sailed back home. If it was the same pod, it was clearly done with feeding and was up for play as they rushed towards us and bowrode alongside and in front of the boat for at least half an hour to the great delight of our passengers.

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