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21/1/2014 – We did not see Orcas today but we learnt that a pod of 6-8 of them was on the other side of the bridge in Kolgrafarfjörður as our captain drove there quickly to check just before the tour. So we went out towards the fjord in the hope of running into them on their way out in the afternoon, or perhaps some other Orcas. However, the White-sided Dolphins here and there told us that there probably wouldn‘t be any Orcas around as they tend to avoid them. We also learnt as we were about half-way through that the pod from the morning was still behind the bridge, but we cannot pass under it on the boat. So we decided not to follow our original plan and return gently home. However, we think no one was displeased with the tour as the first Dolphin pod we saw by Mount Kirkjufell was brilliant! They seemed to be feeding when we arrived but upon noticing the approaching boat, they all seemed to abandon what they were doing for bowriding! What made the encounter seem even closer was that today we went on Láki, not Brimrún, which has a lower deck so you are closer to the sea and whatever may be splashing there!

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