Dolphins in Iceland – Great Sightings on September 17

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White-Beaked Dolphins in Iceland

The white-beaked dolphin is the most common dolphin being spotted on whale watching trips around Iceland. We see them at all our whale watching locations both in winter and also in summer. Those dolphins are 2 to 3 meters long and weight 180 to 350 kg. White-beaked dolphins are very social and they generally live and travel in groups.

Dolphins in Iceland

On September 17, we spent time with a number of groups of white-beaked dolphins in sunny conditions, with the stunning mountains of Snæfellsnes behind as a backdrop. Some came over to ride the bow of the boat so we could see them through the water. The first group consisted of mothers with calves and although they don’t come close to the boat usually, because of the young ones, we observed them from a respectful distance and saw the calves doing a few breaches out of the water. How cute? Our tour guide Judith took those amazing photos.

Dolphins in Iceland – Breeding

These dolphins primarily mate during the summer months. Since the gestation period is 11 months to a year, breeding season takes place throughout the summer months, May through September.  This is quite different to the baleen whales where breeding and birthing takes place in the warmer waters.

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