Holmavik – the Place to be for Iceland Whale Watching in September

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Wonderful Whale Sightings in Holmavik

Holmavik is clearly proofing these days that it is the perfect place in Iceland for whale watching in September. The first week of September was amazing with many humpback whales in the bay. With so many whales around and so few passengers here in this remote part of Iceland, the tours feel very close to nature.

Iceland Whale Watching in September – Come to Holmavik

There is plenty of food in the bay at the moment with numerous humpbacks deep-feeding on herring.  Watching the social dynamics of humpback whale individuals is fascinating, with different combinations of individuals together each day. In the last couple of days, we have had up to seven whales in a group, but each day the groups alter members. 

Humpback whales do not live in family groups and are generally solitary, but if there is plenty of food around they will form associations with each-other and are certainly not anti-social animals. But how the dynamics of these groups work we really don’t know. They will work together to hunt food, but how decisions are made and who is in charge in these ever fluctuating groupings, we still don’t fully understand.

Photos from our Tours in Holmavik in the first week of September

All photos are taken by our tour guide Judith. Look how close the humpback whales sometimes come to the boat! If you want to join our whale watching tour from Holmavik, you have to hurry. This tour is only available until September 15.

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