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28/3/14 A lovely day with flat water and almost no wind, it was even quite warm. We first went to the west as someone who had scouted Kolgrafarfjörður in the morning hadn’t seen any Orcas there. We spotted what first looked like our first Minke Whale (as it had an arch on its back and disappeared as soon as we’d seen it – both typical for Minke Whales) but it turned out to be a White-beaked Dolphin travelling. While there were at least two of them, we saw them only three times and then we lost them. But it all happened; Captain Skarphéðinn turned the boat around suddenly and went eastbound full speed. When we asked him, he told us that he had received a call from our other captain Gísli, who had seen a pod of Orcas from land about 20 minutes where we were at the time. So, driven by hunger for Orcas after yesterday’s non-sighting tour, we went there and lo and behold, there they were, 20-30 of them, dispersed in 3-5s and actively feeding with tail-splashes and drives on what the fish-finder told us was at least 10 meters thick layer of Herring under us. What a tour it was! What a show! Baldur

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