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29/3/14 Several people that came with us on yesterday’s genius tour also had bookings today. We thought yesterday’s madness could not be beaten and so thought today’s tours would be a far cry from the spectacle that they had witnessed then but it turned out that Mother Nature had other ideas. Head researcher Fillipa Samara called Captain Gísli at 9 to tell him that there were Orcas inside Grundarfjörður so we went out in confidence that at least there would be some Orcas but we didn’t expect this sheer number of them; indeed Gísli estimated it to be over 100! Actively feeding all day on what would have been Herring that has been leaving Kolgrafarfjörður in recent days and has now found its way into Grundarfjörður; they gave us the performance of a lifetime in between feeding and resting breaks in the shape of belly-ups, fluke-ups, flippers showing, spyhopping, half-breaching and so on. Just one of those days when this doesn’t feel like a job at all!  Baldur Guide

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