Five species day in Snæfellsnes and active humpbacks in Hólmavík

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At Snæfellsnes, we had sperm whales in the morning, and a five-species trip in the afternoon today!! Our morning trip got to see at least 7 sperm whales in the deeper waters of Breidafjördur. When we went out to search for sperm whales again in the afternoon, we first got to see a small group of white-beaked dolphins, a humpback whale, and a Minke whale. As we came into the deeper waters, we came across a large pod of pilot whales, that were hunting fish together with some more white-beaked dolphins. The pilot whales started socializing next to our boat and we got amazing looks even at their calves. We could see their splashes all over the horizon, so this was a big group! As we turned to leave the area, there were two more Minke whales and finally also one sperm whale to observe. What a record! Marie (Spotter)

We had one trip out of Hólmavík today and it was a great one. We started with one humpback not staying down too long, that gave us nice looks. Then we went to an area with three humpbacks and all of a sudden one whale did two tail-breaches and some lob-tails. It is always so exciting to see surface activity from the whales and humpbacks are famous for performing more of this activity usually than any other species. But of course it is still not something you see often. Then we finished with a group of very fast moving white-beaked dolphins, the first in Steingrímsfjörður seen from the boat so far this summer. Judith (Tour guide)

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