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In calm seas and beautiful light we had two lovely tours today out of Hólmavík today. On the morning tour we watched a humpback and a Minke very close to the harbour for our whole tour. The humpback whale was slowly travelling, coming up and lot and giving us many looks at its tail.On the afternoon tour we again watched this smaller humpback for a while and then went a little further out and got to see one of our known whales here ‘Example’ which is a whale that lifts its tail very high out of the water when it dives. We also got to see it do a spy-hop at a distance. The conditions and light were beautiful out there today on our sheltered fjord. Judith (Tour guide)

We also had two very successful tours out of Ólafsvík today. On our morning trip, we had to search for a long time, to finally reach an area with lots of sperm whales around, and we got to see at least 5 of them going down for a deep dive. As we came back towards Ólafsvík, we then spotted a group of orcas that was slowly travelling in the area. When we hurried back out with our afternoon passengers, we were lucky enough to spot the orcas once again and watch them travel and forage. As we then came into the deeper waters, we saw one sperm whale lifting up the fluke next to our boat. We had a great time today! Marie (Spotter)

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